Cordoba – Reunion

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One thing that I had read about Argentina is that I would be hard pressed to find a drunk Argentinian, clearly this fact does not apply to Córdoba City.

Córdoba is the second biggest city in Argentina, and is home to 27 Universities; that makes Córdoba party central. The city pulses personality with its kaleidoscope of neon lights accentuating  the boliches and bars, the smell of some delicious fried food item that is bound to save you from  an impending hangover, and that oh-so familiar site of young people puking out of the sides of cabs. I’m sure Córdoba has some interesting history to explore; but who cares lets party!

I came to this city to reunite with my old friends: Magdalena and Cruz. I had known these two smoking hot babes seven years ago as baristas in Squaw Valley. Back then they were fresh off the plane, spoke very bad English, and had terrible work ethic. Now-a-days Magdalena is a doctor, and Cruz is a dentist. Unfortunately I only got to see Male for a few minutes because she is a famous brain surgeon or something, but I was able to meet up with Cruz a few times.

I stayed at the Le Grand Hostel, an awesome place if you ever visit Cordoba. It was pretty much an Argentinian Party hostel, if that sounds weird, let me explain. A lot of students in Cordoba live at home with their parents, so when they want to party all weekend and hook up with girls they stay at hostels. It was a great chance for me to practice my drunk Spanish, and I thought I sounded pretty good!

On my 3rd day in Cordoba I met up with Cruz and her cute friend Consuelo. We had lunch, talked some politics, flirted, and made plans to go to one of the hottest night club in the city. That night Cruz, Consuelo, and their friend Flora came to my hostel dressed to the nines and looking hot as hell. We pre-gamed with the hostel crew for a few hours and then headed out to Club Cruz (no relation to my friend). Clubs are way different in Argentina than in the states; for example, women go to the clubs to dance and guys go to the club to aggressively grope and swoon the women. I know what you’re going to say, “But Dan, that’s what guys do in the US,” true, but at least the dudes in the US half ass some dance moves and lightly grind on your butt before they say, “Hi, what’s your name? What do you do for a living? Do I seem insecure?” Argentinian men will grab you, say some cliché romantic poetry, grope you a few times, and if you’re not interested, call you ugly and try your friend. Basically they’re Pepe Le Pew from Looney Tons.  It’s all part of the machismo culture that is prevalent down here. You can imagine their frustration when a tall, handsome, charming gringo comes to their country and leaves them empty handed, doomed to go home alone; oh well…


My last day in Córdoba I spent wandering the various Universities and getting a history lesson with a beautiful architect by the name of Paula. She explained to me why certain buildings were built the way they were and we discussed what inspires her as an architect. After we had Helado (Argentina ice cream), which was delicious, we met some of her friends for a bit, and after I retired to my hostel for I was to go have a proper Asado that night.

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For those not in the know, Asado is Argentine BBQ, and it’s the best thing you’ve ever tasted. The house I was going to was far out in the rich suburbs of Córdoba, called Countries. You can imagine my surprise when my old friend from Squaw Valley Lift Ops, Maxi Cha, picked me up! I had no idea he was from Cordoba and was in town. Even crazier, when I got the BBQ, my old boss Shack (American), was there as well. It was a crazy coincidence that all of us were in Cordoba on that specific day, having BBQ at the same house. We remised about the old days, and I’m pretty sure I got an open door invite to go back and work at Squaw Valley.


I loved Córdoba , not for the city like I did Buenos Aires, but for its chill vibe, my friends who call it home, and all the fun I had. I will definitely be visiting again.

Thank you Cruz, Consuelo, Flora, Maxi, Paula, and Sophie and your family for making my time in Cordoba so memorable. I hope I will see you guys soon!


4 thoughts on “Cordoba – Reunion

  1. Hi Daniel. We enjoyed reading about your reunion in Cordoba. Keep us posted as you continue on your journey. Love you. Nana and Grand Dad.

    1. Hi Dan. I am also following your adventures. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I sent your blog link to Matt and Krista. Have a wonderful and safe trip!!
      Love From Aunt Chris

  2. thank u!!! I hope I will see you soon yankee traveller ::: thailand sound awesomeee lets dot itt 🙂 kiss . consu :):

  3. Hi Daniel. We are also enjoying reading about your adventures. Be safe. Love, Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Jeep.

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