San Marcos Sierras


WP_20140709_12_21_12_ProAfter taking an all-night bus from Buenos Aires, I was ready to stretch my legs and see what Cordoba had to offer; but plans change and I ended up hopping a bus with another solo traveler to the San Marcos Sierras. As is always the case in Argentina, two hour bus ride turned into six and we ended up having to change busses in the middle of the desert, on a desolate road. Here we met Gabriel; an Argentine who had been traveling the mountains for a couple of months. He invited us back to his friend’s house for dinner in San Marcos. It’s strange, but accepting an offer to go to someone’s house in the middle of the mountains no longer seems dangerous or sketchy to me, it is just part of my travels. They made us a wonderful meal in their little shack and we went on our way.

San Marcos is known for three things: beautiful hikes, alien abductions, and hippies; and man, are they hiiiipppiieeee! These people represent hippies to the fullest. They wash their clothes in the river, have all day drum and sitar circles (naked dancing babies included), and their clothes are all custom made; basically they make Janis Joplin look like Ronald Reagan.

As I waited for the bus on my last day, the awesomeness of this place came full circle. A guy, who I bought a Matte kit off the day before, shared his beer with me while we spoke broken Spanish. We talked about traveling, his kids, and about all the beautiful women in Argentina. As I was about to board the bus, all my new hippie friends came and said goodbye to me, I almost teared up, but I kept it cool.

I didn’t get abducted by Aliens, but I met some great people and shared some unforgettable memories with Argentina Hippies. Who would of


One thought on “San Marcos Sierras

  1. Hi Daniel. So you really found out what the hippy life is like. It sounds like your adventure was fun and exciting. We hope the rest of your travels will be as great as this one. Love you, Nana and Grand Dad

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