Buenos Aires, a Summary

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Buenos Aires is the type of City you have to force yourself to leave, or at least I had to. I could of easily spent another month there eating in Italian style cafes, hanging out with the new friends I made, or partying until 5pm the next day. As I write this I have a yearning to book a ticket and go back, but I must continue North…

I had such an intimate and amazing experience here, I do not want to cheapen it with words, but I would like to give a shout out to the people that made it ultra memorable:

Cesar and Roman: Thank you for opening your house to me, changing out my money, feeding me, showing me around the city, and introducing me to my Spanish Teacher.
Sylvana: Thank you for being the most beautiful Spanish Teacher I have had, even though I was horrible student. I still read my English -> Spanish dictionary nightly
Maxcel: Thanks for letting me stay with you a week and showing me the awesome party side of BSAS. You are seriously a cool Costa Rican, and thanks for speaking in English to me because my Spanish was so bad you couldn’t stand it!
Robby, Luke, Andy: What can I say, we had an awesome time! I’m sure I will see you guys again.
Stef, Lisa, and the Brazilian Carols: Room 305!
Camila: My Brazillian Bombshell, we had fun.

Until next time Buenos Aires, I hope to see you soon.

❤ Dan


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