Don’t go to La Boca

La Boca 1

This Post is from 6.30.14

Today I visited the so called “Hood” of Buenos Aires with my hostel friend, the honorable Luke of Ireland. Luke, a diehard Futbol fan (soccer for you Yanks), wanted to check out the famous Boca Stadium, home to the craziest futbol fans in Argentina, The Boca Juniors. We did a stadium tour, it was cool, but what really interested me was a few blocks away from the Stadium. As we waited for the tour, my craving for the hood got the best of me and I walked into the “no fly zone” of La Boca. Argentians warned me that the people here were bad and I would get robbed, and boy were they right! The first  Bocan’s we encountered were we a pair of kids smoking something called “Marijuana” and, like true hooligans, they invited me to join with them. Me being the cautious traveler I am said, “Why the fuck not?”  We had a great time chatting in broken Spanish and English about futbol and California.  If you cannot sense my sarcasm, let me sum it up for you… La Boca is not as bad as people say it is.  Sure it is a bit shady but these are hard working people finding happiness in the little things that they have.   I have come to realize that Portenos are extremely judgmental, and tad bit elitist/racist.

La Boca was the original migrant community Spain settled Buenos Aires. The people were so poor they could not afford to paint their houses; so they took the left over ship paint to personalize their homes. This left an awesome multi-colored neighborhood that is similar to the Painted Ladies of San Francisco, except with way more gangsta styling. Tango is king here, and you can take in many shows or just watch two hot Argentians dance the forbidden dance.

If you happen to be in Buenos Aries, go to La Boca!


One thought on “Don’t go to La Boca

  1. Hi Daniel, Did you learn to Tango while you were there? Your trip sounds great. Hope you are taking pictures. Love you. Nana and Grand Dad

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