Me talk pretty some day….

Cementaria De RecoletaI awoke to my ears popping and a sudden shift in my equilibrium.  This was it, I was descending into my first destination: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The home of the Tango (aka the Forbidden Dance), Buenos Aires is often called “The Paris” of South America.  The type of Spanish that is used here is an informal version of Castilian, which is spoken with an Italian accent; It’s like playing Mario except that Mario is extremely handsome and speaks Spanish.  This combination of an Italian accent with informal Spanish is my undoing, por que mi espanol es muy mal.

My first week here I spent on Couches of the local Portenos eating their food, drinking their Fernet, and realizing that my Spanish sucks; and that I look like a dumbass.  It became very apparent that this was going to be a very difficult and lonely trip if I did not learn the language.  My first few days I spent wandering aimlessly around the city hoping to hear a glimmer of English so I could connect and communicate with someone to stave off the loneliness I was feeling from not being in my native land.  Luckily for me, a local Portena (Buenos Aires girl) offered to teach and coach my Spanish.  She took pity on a Gringo and was able, within a short time, to teach me enough so that I can carry on 60% of a conversation with another Spanish Speaker.

Overall Buenos Aires has been great to me.  I am going to spend another week or so here to further investigate the famous Buenos Aires nightlife scene, stay tuned…..


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